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With our combined 21 years experience in this industry we are able to help thousands of writers publish their story since 2000. We are not a publishing house, instead we are group of liaisons who will bridge towards achieving yours dream of becoming an author with all our contacts in the publishing, marketing, and bookselling world the fastest and cheapest way possible.


Our Service Packages

We have worked day in, day out at providing better solutions, faster submissions, and producing superior quality. Inspired by our clients’ feedback from their previous publishing houses about high prices, slow submissions, inferior communications and fulfilment breakdown, we came up with a formula set to make you publishing journey better, hassle free and money’s worth.

Increase Exposure

We'll help you generate traffic for your business and generate leads.

Flexible Pricing Models

We offer several payment options so you'll get the best plan for you.

Guaranteed Results

Results are guaranteed with our proven marketing services.

Are you an independent writer wanting to get published?

Feel free to ask us anything on how we can assist you.

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